Things You Never Knew About Esther Rantzen

1. Esther obviously isn't an aficionado of Top Gear, depicting Jeremy Clarkson as the "male creature in extremis". She once said: "There are sure men who resemble litmus paper for me; on the off chance that they express a view, that is truly useful, on the grounds that I realize I will think the inverse. Clarkson is one."

2. One of Esther's pearls of shrewdness is "never eat feline or canine food". The That's Life! star says it is "viler than you may anticipate".

3. In spite of being the author of ChildLine, Esther concedes that she has most likely been liable of tormenting before. "There are ways I treated individuals without giving it much thought that I ought to have done any other way," she said.

4. Esther has now done two significant unscripted TV dramas, showing up on Strictly and I'm A Celebrity.... Nonetheless, she never showed up on Celebrity Big Brother, regardless of steady reports in 2002. Makers plumped for individual veteran TV have Anne Diamond all things considered.

5. Esther's considerable rundown of praises incorporates an OBE, CBE, a Dimbleby Award and privileged doctorates from London South Bank, Southampton Institute and Portsmouth Universities.

6. The 68-year-old will not guideline out plastic medical procedure later on. "Studio lighting is disagreeable and puts a shadow under everything," is her clarification.

7. On the off chance that lone Esther had addressed Jonathan Ross before 'Manuelgate'. Recently, she said: "He relies upon scatology, foulness and stun, and I don't think he needs to...I accept that in the journey for all out opportunity of language, the watchers' limits have likewise been disregarded."